Overwatch’s Kanezaka Challenge Arrives Alongside New Map

The much-anticipated Overwatch 2 is inching closer to release, but Blizzard still has some stage-setting to do. To that end, Overwatch has just received another update, and it’s one that’s sure to be of interest to fans of sneaky archer Hanzo.

Though it officially launched back in May 2016, the original Overwatch remains, for many fans, the very last word in hero shooters. It’s a game that fans of deep and interesting lore can immerse themselves in, but one that those who simply want some chaotic shooting have also embraced.

From the iconic characters to the love and attention heaped onto some of their available skins, Overwatch is a game that just has so much to offer. Naturally, it has evolved constantly since its release and some changes have been loved as much as others have been hated, but that’s the tricky nature of the need for buffs, nerfs and game mode tweaks over many seasons.

With Overwatch 2 arriving in the near future, it’s unlikely that the original title is going to see many more updates of its own. Old hands will have to savor every new dose of content they receive until this new era dawns, then. Speaking of which, the Kanezaka Challenge began yesterday, and there are some intriguing goodies to earn and a whole new map to wreak havoc on.

As Nintendo Life reports, Jeff Kaplan confirmed in December that the Kanezaka map was on its way to the game. This new Tokyo-set arena is now available, bringing some classic every-Hero-for-themselves chaos and the Kanezaka Challenge (January 12-25) along with it.

Seasoned Overwatch fans will know how these challenges work: there are three exclusive pieces of loot on offer, with each being unlocked by accruing victories in the game’s main modes. Three wins will unlock the Pagoda Player Icon, Six wins will unlock the Spray ‘Yōkai,’ and nine wins will reward the player with the grand prize of the challenge: Kyogisha, an Epic Skin for Hanzo.

Overwatch may have lost a little steam prior to the follow-up’s arrival, but for lots of fans, the game remains just as big a deal as it ever was. Here’s yet another reason to jump back in.

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