Talented Stunt Actor Recreates Epic Final Fantasy 7 Remake Moves

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s action is unparalleled, so stunt actor Jaewoo Kim decided to recreated some of Cloud and Tifa’s moves in real life.

Kim performed some impressive jumps and rolls during a two-minute video uploaded to Twitter. It has since blown up on the platform with over 1,000 likes. He showcases a stunning kick combo from Reno, and a backflip and front flip that Tifa uses to maneuver around enemies in the game. Kim even makes the awesome superhero landing that Cloud does in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Stunt acting is an underappreciated aspect of the entertainment industry. Richard Dorton, a mo-cap actor, spoke to VG 24/7 about his work and said “I got punched in the face [and] got my nose broken on Uncharted: Golden Abyss.” Unlike movies, however, he explained that mo-cap in games doesn’t require him to be set on fire or crash cars – that can be interpreted in a digital medium.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake had many mo-cap actors on the project, including Yasunari Kinbara, Kousen, Naho Nakashima, Minoru Nanaeda, and Kanon Ohkawa. Their performances were no doubt valuable in bringing its characters to life, and deserve much of the credit for the game’s success.

Hopefully, they’re currently at work on the next highly anticipated Final Fantasy 7 Remake entry. For those who are unaware, the original PS1 title is being shipped in multiple parts, although it’s not trying to be a perfect shot-for-shot replica of the classic game – expect to see plenty of new content.

Development of the second part has been slowed down by the COVID-19 pandemic, but Square Enix has assured us that it will come as soon as possible. As it’s an episodic series, we’re certain the company wants to maintain the hype train that is Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Some intriguing FF7-related trademarks have been filed by the Japanese company as of recent: Ever Crisis and The First Soldier. Both of these titles seem to be referring to Zack Fair (a character who had his own similarly named game Crisis Core), and Sephiroth, who is often called The First Soldier. Perhaps, we’ll get more information on these possible projects soon.

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