Persona 5 Strikers Complete Guide And Walkthrough

Persona 5 Strikers is Atlus’s direct sequel to the critically-acclaimed Persona 5 from 2017. Strikers is a collaboration between the developers behind the Persona series, P-Studio, and the developers behind the Dynasty Warriors franchise, Omega Force. As such, it takes elements from both series and chooses to adopt a more action-RPG battle style, and loses the turn-based battle that Persona fans are accustomed to.

Strikers is set six months after the events of the original game, and it does not factor in the additional characters or story elements added in with the release of Persona 5 Royal. Like many of the Persona games, there is a lot of missable content in the game that is tied to specific in-game dates. To ensure you don’t miss a single thing, we’ve got walkthroughs and guides to help you every step of the way on your journey with the Phantom Thieves.

Story Walkthrough

The Phantom Thieves are back in action and this time they’re hitting the road. As you travel from one location to another, you’ll encounter new friends, new enemies, and plenty of mysteries to solve.

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  • Where To Find All Ango Natsume Rumors
  • Where To Find All Mariko Hyodo Rumors

Collection Guides

As with all Persona games, there are plenty of collectibles to obtain throughout the Thieves’ latest adventure and many of them are missable and will become locked if you progress past a certain date. To ensure that you don’t miss a single thing, especially the request sidequests, we have plenty of guides to help you out.

  • Persona 5 Strikers: Trophy Guide
  • Guide To All Requests
  • All Cooking Recipe Locations
  • Every Forgotten Desire Location

Reviews and Opinion Pieces

As we joined the Phantom Thieves on their new quest for justice, we couldn’t help but notice a lot of things about the game and its plot, such as how the characters respond to the police after their treatment in Persona 5, or why the game’s rebellion against injustice is exactly what we need the most. To check out our opinions on the game, as well as read our review, we’ve got it all right here.

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