Pokemon Fans Think Smoliv Will Have A Raunchy Evolution

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are the talk of the town at the moment, as are the very few new Pokemon we've seen so far. While Lechonk may have stolen the show, Smolive has also gotten a lot of love since its reveal, and many have been left wondering what the little guy's evolution will look like. If past designs have anything to go by, Pokemon fans are expecting it to be pretty raunchy.

A theory has been put forward by Twitter user @DarknWindie, who simply posts pictures of Budew, Bounsweet, and Fomantis (who are all quite similar to Smolive) along with their evolution lines, with the caption "Be ready." When you consider that these three Pokemon eventually evolve into Tsareena, Roserade, and Lurantis, three Pokemon with strangely raunchy designs, it's pretty much implied that Smolive may have a similarly raunchy final evolution.

@DarknWindie also provides more evidence for this theory in the form of two Wikipedia articles explaining that olives are often used to "symbolize wisdom, fertility, power, and purity," and are actually connected to the Greek goddess Athena. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet does seem to have Spanish/Greek influences, and if Game Freak is using Greek mythology as inspiration for Smolive's final evolution, we could see a glow up to end all glow ups.

Of course, @DarknWindie doesn't actually know what the final evolution could be and is just speculating. They also mention that Smolive could be turned into a tree or olive oil if Game Freak wanted to keep on the olive theme, but it would be pretty disappointing if we didn't see this anxious little critter get to be its best self.

Smolive and Lechonk may have gotten Pokemon fans pretty excited, but Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's latest trailer also revealed plenty of other features to look forward to, including four player co-op and an open-world that will let players travel anywhere they like from the get go. We also got to see each game's legendaries as well as the strangely attractive Pokemon Professors that are also garnering plenty of attention.

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