Pokemon Go: Everything You Need To Know About Team Go Rocket’s Strange Eggs

A new type of egg has arrived in Pokemon Go for the first time in a while. Here’s everything we know about what Niantic has fittingly dubbed Strange Eggs.

Team Rocket has been a feature in just about every element of the Pokemon franchise, so it makes sense that they would eventually show up in Pokemon Go. Team Go Rocket has been a feature of the AR game for a while now. First, they appeared at Pokestops, and then they started showing up in the sky via hot air balloons.

Team Rocket is still using those means to mess with trainers, but now, it is also hijacking a new type of egg. They’re called strange eggs, and a trainer has to defeat a member of Team Go Rocket if they want to get their hands on. What makes strange eggs different from the other types of eggs in Pokemon Go is they only hatch poison and dark-type Pokemon, or Pokemon that become poison or dark-types once they evolve.

The other big difference is how much walking these eggs take to hatch. 12 km, so the hardest eggs to hatch of all. However, to celebrate the arrival of strange eggs, there’s a week-long event that is ongoing as you read this. During the event, eggs will take a quarter of the walking distance they normally take to hatch, so just 3 km for strange eggs. The event and its benefits come to an end at 10 pm PDT on October 19, 2020.

Niantic has actually revealed the specific Pokemon that will hatch from strange eggs. Larvitar, Scraggy, Trubbish, and Vullaby. Players will need to defeat one of Team Go Rocket’s leaders to obtain one and make sure there’s a space in your egg inventory before you engage and battle with the leader. Strange eggs will be sticking around once the event comes to an end, but the reduced hatching distance perk will have finished.

As well as a focus on strange eggs, different poison and dark-type Pokemon will spawn more frequently in the wild during this event. Team Go Rocket’s leaders also have different shadow Pokemon for trainers to rescue and purify. That includes Giovanni who will be using a shadow Mewtwo. It’s the first time shadow Mewtwo has been available in-game outside of Pokemon Go Fest 2020’s Rocket Straight to Victory special research.

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