Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players Are Annoyed About Inconsistent Sleeping Animations

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has been breaking records as one of the fastest selling titles in the series to date. Nintendo Switch players just couldn't get their hands on it fast enough, but with this great success has come a great wave of complaints.

Nintendo finally acknowledged the widespread performance issues as it issued an apology alongside a new patch for the game which contains "select bug fixes". However, this hasn't stemmed the tide of criticisms over the game and a persistent complaint concerns Scarlet & Violet's animations. Players have been noticing the inconsistent sleeping animations in particular.

While Pokemon can appear to be sleeping in the general game, such as during picnics, at issue is when Pokemon fall sleep in battles. Players have taken to numerous forums to express their discontent at the inconsistency.

"I am really upset. When I use yawn and put my opponent to sleep there isn't a sleep animation. They just act like they were awake. No eyes being closed, no slower or standstill movement. NOTHING!?" wrote u/Hitoshi on the Pokemon subreddit.

Some players have theorised that Game Freak perhaps intended to implement the Drowsy feature that was seen in Legends Arceus and perhaps simply forgot to add the sleep animation back into Scarlet & Violet. With many players believing the rushed nature of the latest mainline Pokemon game, these missing sleep animations only adds to the perception that the developers don't spend enough time making each title and adding polish and refinement.

Players observe that the sleeping animations are in the game, with wild Pokemon clearly seen to be sleeping when they've been encountered to be catching some zzzz's, but when Pokemon are being put to sleep in battles and still looking like they're wide awake can ruin the believability of the world. In short, it's jarring to see a "sleeping" Pokemon when it's eyes are fully open.

Perhaps Game Freak could fix this issue in a later patch, because the lack of this animation is clearly bothering players. It wouldn't be the first time that a Pokemon game would get sleeping animation additions. Last year Game Freak surprised Pokemon Sword and Shield players when it added sleeping animations into the games via an update. So there's hope yet SV fans.

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