The Callisto Protocol Had Help From Over 150 Sony Developers

They say it takes a village to raise a baby, and it looks like the same is true for a video game. With just a few hours left until the release of The Callisto Protocol, more information is coming out about the space horror game. Specifically, some screenshots of the game’s credits show that Sony tasked over 150 developers to aid in the creation of Striking Distance Studio’s title.

These images of the game’s credits have been posted to ResetEra (Thanks Push Square) and highlight the numerous employees sent over by Sony’s Visual Arts Services Group and its Malaysian team to assist with the game. While it is not unusual for Sony to help in the creation of third-party titles, this magnitude of assistance is not seen often. Generally, PlayStation will assist in certain areas of game creation like audio, cinematics, or even lending out hardware or software.

While 150 developers may seem like a lot, there may be a good reason for Sony’s massive involvement – the company holds the marketing rights to The Callisto Protocol. An agreement between Sony and Striking Distance Studios allows the former to market the game on PlayStation. This means that most of the advertisements and trailers shown for the game will be branded as “PlayStation content”. So, while you may think the game is a PlayStation exclusive, it is not.

However, this means that Sony has a larger stake in the success of this game than other studios. So, sending over 150 developers to help ensure the game is the best it can be isn't really that strange. Plus, this was the perfect way for Sony to give its newly crafted Malaysian team a chance to gain some hands-on experience in making games.

You can decide for yourself if the help was worth it when The Callisto Protocol launches in just a few short hours.

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