The Sims 2’s Early Trailer Was Surprisingly… Saucy?

When most people think of The Sims, they think of guiding their gibberish-speaking vessels to becoming their towns’ wealthiest and most successful individuals. Of course, this will differ from player to player, as some will also recall the comical romance mechanics that lead to some censored encounters. But an early trailer for The Sims 2 offered a very “skin-deep” look at the game.

Reddit user Maulclaw shared the trailer on the website, which showed early footage of The Sims 2, which offered a bit more scandalous content compared to the game’s full release. The trailer shows off a version of The Sims that attempted a “sexier” approach for its time and for the series.

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The trailer can be seen below.

Starting out with EA’s classic motto of “Challenge Everything,” the trailer continues to show some ill-adjusted children taking bats to household items and the trailer’s camera. The trailer then shows some general familial chaos when the mother/wife decides she’s had enough and seeks fame. After she has ruined a scene on a movie set, we are then shown some scientists tinkering with a small UFO, which leads to two aliens with peculiar devices.

One of the scientists then walks up a set of stairs only to become royalty as the mother/wife-turned-actress from earlier mingles with a male and female maid. The scene would be less notable except for its silly nature and the suggestive outfits worn by the actress and maids. Moreover, the “jiggle” physics aren’t all too subtle either.

So, yeah, it’s a bit dated. Although aliens appeared in the final game, as well as being famous and more suggestive outfits, there was certainly less emphasis on the sauciness seen in the trailer.

Obviously, games have come a long way since.  It’s a bit funny looking back, especially seeing as The Sims isn’t a mature title – though it goes to show that standards have certainly changed over the past two decades.

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