Pokemon Unite Build Guide: Delphox

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Delphox is the 36th Pokemon added to the playable roster in Pokemon Unite. This Generation VI starter comes to the game as a Ranged Attacker, and wields a number of unique attacks and mechanics. These can be combined to cause massive damage, with Delphox possessing the potential to dominate large teamfights throughout the match.

With this degree of power comes limitations, and in Delphox's case these are found in the lack of survivability. Use the following information to become an expert when playing Delphox in Pokemon Unite; learning everything there is to know about this Pokemon's abilities and potential playstyles.

When To Pick Delphox

As a Ranged Attacker, playing as Delphox requires players to be cautious with their positioning when maximizing their impact on a match. Its ranged attacks allow you to damage opposing Pokemon while remaining at a safe distance, which is essential due to Delphox's overall fragility compared to other Pokemon. This is key to your survival when playing as Delphox, applicable regardless of your playstyle.

Delphox proves to be a versatile Pokemon when in a Unite match, finding success when playing in either of the three lanes available. Some playstyles favor the top or bottom lanes, giving you the opportunity deal damage with the protection of a teammate nearby. Additionally, players can be effective when playing solo in the center lane, allowing you to quickly gain XP to out-level and overpower the opposition.

Delphox: Fire-Trap Build

This build takes advantage of Delphox's ability to trap and stun opposing Pokemon, leaving them vulnerable to large amounts of damage. The playstyle paired with this build functions best when working with other teammates, giving them an opportunity to further damage the opposition while they are stunned. Because of this, the top and bottom paths are recommended due to the constant presence of at least one teammate, in most cases.

When playing with this build, you will want to start by using Fire Spin to target and trap opposing Pokemon in a fire vortex. While the enemy is trapped and stunned from this move, attack them using Fire Blast, a move that causes additional damage on a delay. If this is timed correctly, Delphox can deal massive amounts of damage to its stunned targets.

Due to this Pokemon's extremely short cooldown for its Unite Move, using Buddy Barrier is always recommended when playing as Delphox. Since this is a build that centers around a lot of burst damage, the use of the Choice Specs Held Item is recommended to further your impact. Additionally, X Attack serves this build well when deciding on a Battle Item, gaining even more power when activated prior to one of this Pokemon's devastating combos.

Delphox: Rapid Fire Build

Alternatively, this Delphox build centers around using this Pokemon's attacks in rapid succession; stringing together combos that can quickly knock out opposing Pokemon. Due to this build functioning best after earning the upgraded versions of your attacks, gaining XP is essential to its success. It is recommended that players choose the center path when opting for this playstyle; allowing you to quickly gain XP and level up.

For this build, you will want to use Flame Charge, providing you with a quick dash while also dealing damage to nearby Pokemon. Pair this with Mystical Fire, a ranged attack that deals massive damage to any Pokemon it hits. You will gain the upgraded version on this attack, Mystical Fire+, at level 11, greatly reducing the cooldown of all attacks when landing a hit with Mystical Fire+. This is key to this build, allowing you to deal massive damage to your opponents by constantly reducing the cooldowns of your attacks.

Again, using Buddy Barrier is extremely useful when playing as Delphox, providing you and a teammate with a shield when using your Unite Move. Due to the attacking nature of this particular build, the use of the Shell Bell Held Item fits this play style well, granting the user with health regeneration upon each attack that hits. The Full Heal Battle Item pairs well with this build, granting you immunity from any hindrances when activated during a battle with the opposition.

Delphox: Stats

Level HP Attack Defense Sp. Attack Sp. Defense
Level 1 3300 134 35 80 27
Level 2 3343 136 37 92 29
Level 3 3394 139 39 107 31
Level 4 3605 150 49 168 39
Level 5 3679 154 52 190 42
Level 6 4067 174 70 303 56
Level 7 4174 180 75 334 60
Level 8 4302 187 81 371 65
Level 9 4456 195 88 416 71
Level 10 4641 205 97 470 78
Level 11 4863 217 107 535 86
Level 12 5129 231 119 612 96
Level 13 5448 248 134 705 108
Level 14 5831 268 152 819 122
Level 15 6290 292 174 650 139

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