Prince Of Persia remake out this November suggests new leak

A retailer listing for Prince Of Persia on PS4 and Switch claims a remake will be released this year and it seems to be real.

It may not be the new game fans have been hoping for all these years, but a Guatemalan retailer has listed remakes of Prince Of Persia for both PlayStation 4 and Switch.

This sort of thing happens all the time and there’s usually a 50/50 split between it being a genuine leak and the retailer just trawling for pre-orders or being otherwise confused.

But respected Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier has implied that the listing is real. The only problem is there’s no indication of exactly what Prince Of Persia is being remade.

Whether it’ll be all three games or just Sands Of Time, which in turn is the most popular of the three, is unclear, as the whole trilogy would be a lot of work even if they’re remasters and not full remakes.

The artwork in the tweet is from the third game, The Two Thrones, although that just seems to have been thrown in by the leaker and isn’t from the shop site.

Prince Of Persia hasn’t seen a major new release since 2010’s Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, with the franchise being supplanted by Assassin’s Creed in Ubisoft’s portfolio, since at inception the two games had similar gameplay.

However, Assassin’s Creed has all but given up it’s parkour elements now, which means that if Ubisoft did ever want to bring back Prince Of Persia now would be a good time.

They’ve clearly not forgotten about the character either, as he appeared in online melee action game For Honor and a VR escape room experience.

A new Ubisoft Forward reveal event is planned for next month, so if the remake is out this year it will almost certainly be announced then.

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