PS1 Classic Syphon Filter To Get Trophies On PS Plus Premium

PS Plus Premium is bringing a select few PS1, PS2, and PSP games to PS4 and PS5, letting you run them natively. But Sony isn't stopping there as developer Bend Studio revealed that Syphon Filter will be getting new trophies, including a platinum.

This isn't the first time we've seen PS2 games get the trophy treatment – the Jak trilogy and Jak X: Combat Racing were ported from PS2 to PS4 with added trophies, giving you a whole new aim when wading through Haven City and the Precursor Ruins.

While we've seen this for Jak and now Syphon Filter, it isn't clear if this will be the standard for all PS1, PS2, and PSP games on PS Plus Premium. Bend Studios and Jak developer Naughty Dog are in-house, owned by Sony, so perhaps it'll be a standard for PlayStation's exclusives, but not third-party releases like Tekken 2. Until Sony clarifies, all we can do is speculate.

Regardless, we now know Syphon Filter is getting trophies when it comes to PS Plus Premium. So if you're revisiting this 1999 classic, now might be the push you need to go for 100 percent completion, or if you're a new player who hasn't embarked on a mission to investigate the biological outbreaks in Costa Rica, maybe you'll find something you like enough that sparks a trophy hunt.

The two trophies revealed are the silver "An Explosive Start" and the platinum "Excellent work, Agent!". The former is likely related to the end of the first mission and start of the second where we traverse a blown-up subway, hence the train icon. The second is earned by getting all other trophies which, at the time of writing, 0.0 percent of players have done—obviously.

On the topic of trophies, we also know that the new PS Plus Premium trials will let you earn trophies and keep your save data if you do buy the game, letting you keep all your progress. Sony is conscious of the completionist trophy hunters out there, so those of you who fit that description – enjoy the new platinum to hunt for.

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