Quick Resume On The Series X Works Even After Rebooting

Next-gen consoles have a lot of exciting hardware and software features to sink your teeth into. There is one piece of software that deserves some extra attention, though, and that is the fact that quick resume on the Xbox Series X will work even after rebooting.

A recent review of the Series X had shown that current generation games—like Red Dead Redemption 2 and The Outer Worlds—can load in as few as 10 seconds. To put it another way, it’ll only take 10 seconds to open a save file and start playing the game. Compared to the time it takes to do the same thing on the Xbox One X (which takes 38 seconds to do the same thing) you’re going to spend a lot less time waiting for games to load.

Quick resume takes the whole thing a step further by allowing you to pause and resume multiple games with little to no noticeable loading times. Today, we’ve learned that the same applies even after rebooting your Series X. That is to say, even after completely losing power, your pause location will still be saved on the Series X—as if nothing happened.

The quick resume feature isn’t something that everyone is impressed with. One Twitter user said that they can’t see themselves using quick resume to switch between games. Another user backed up the opinion by saying, “Same. Games will boot anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds now anyway. I can save a game and boot up another in under a minute, so what’s the big deal?”

If, however, you have become accustomed to simply leaving a game in a pause screen to watch something on Netflix or YouTube, you will find the quick resume feature to be a noticeable improvement over the Xbox One X hardware. Regardless of how you will ultimately use the function, if you use it at all, it should work even in the event of a sudden loss of power—such as a power outage or a blown fuse. That capability may end up saving you a lot of headaches, especially for games that don’t autosave.

The Xbox Series X releases on November 10.

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