Raihan And Duraludon Join Pokemon Masters EX, Level Cap Increased

Raihan and Duraludon are now making their mark in Pokemon Masters EX with the game’s latest update.

Hailing from Pokemon Sword & Shield, the duo will be available to scout until May 30, 2021. To help you succeed in getting Raihan and Duraludon, Dena is offering a bunch of events that will give players up to 4,500 gems, just by logging in. Despite the game being fairly easy, Raihan is one of the toughest trainers you’ll face in Sword & Shield, so he’s worthy of the spot.

The gym leader provides players with a Steel-type sync pair that increases Attack and Special Attack the moment they enter the battle. The press release says this “[allows players] to unleash major damage at the very start of a fight.” Be careful, however, as the move Steel Beam can cause recoil damage to the Pokemon.

A new time trial event called Eternal Rivals has been implemented. You’ll be training up with Raihan and other Galar trainers as you attempt to beat Leon’s record. If you manage to get an impressive time after beating the time trial battles, you’ll get more points for prizes. They can be redeemed for five-star guaranteed scout tickets and five stars power-ups, two items that are super useful in this gacha-based Pokemon Masters EX. Keep in mind that this event finishes on May 15 at 10:59 pm Pacific Time and you’ll have to complete Chapter 1 of the main story to access it.

For veterans of Pokemon Masters EX, there will be a new level 135 cap added for your sync pairs with a new training area to make it easier to get the items required to make the jump.

If you’re a big fan of Raihan, Dena is giving away an exclusive phone accessory that allows for one-handed use. Now, you can battle Pokemon and eat a Rare Candy at the same time if you win one. The contest begins on April 30 with more details on their Twitter page on that date.

Pokemon Masters EX has been consistent at giving its player base updates. This month, we saw Sun and Moon’s protagonists Elio and Selene join the game, bringing the majority of the protagonists into the crossover game.  In fact, you can still unlock them until May 1. Now, we wait for Victor from Sword & Shield. At least, we have the Galar champion, Leon!

In other months, we saw Easter-themed sync pairs featuring May and Burgh, which had some eggcellent costumes for the pair.

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