Recent Study Reveals PC Gamers Are Smarter Than Console Gamers (But Rainbow Six Siege Players Are Smartest Of All)

A new study with over 1,000 participants found those who play Rainbow Six Siege were – on average – smarter than all other gamers. It also shed light on the average IQ of each platform, with PC scoring the highest and mobile coming in last.

Behind the study was a group of psychologists, working in conjunction with Royal Panda. Participants were given a four-part IQ test after answering a survey about their gaming habits. The researchers were then able to compile the data and determine an average IQ for different platforms and games. IQ results for PC were well above most other platforms, although PS4 was a close second. Here are the full results:

When looking at the results for the different sections of the IQ test, however, PC actually came in second for Logical Reasoning and Visual Reasoning – losing both to PS4. The tables turned for the Verbal Intelligence and Mathematical Ability sections, where PC claimed first place and PS4 took second. As for Xbox, it took third in all four categories.

The study then looked at individual games, discovering Rainbow Six Siege ended up with the highest IQ score, closely followed by Among Us and Minecraft. Making up the tail-end of the list were Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds – which meshes well with the IQ results for mobile. The full report can be found here, but these are the top five games with the highest average IQ:

  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Among Us
  • Minecraft
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • FIFA

While these results are interesting by themselves, it would have been nice to have a closer look at the procedure used to carry out the study. Without having access to the questionnaire used to analyze demographics, it’s a bit difficult to draw any strong conclusions from this report. What if players owned two consoles? What is the age difference between all platforms? And could this have an impact on IQ?

For now, just consider this a fun little study – not an attack on your intelligence.

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