Redditor Claims To Have Found GTA 6 Map In GTA 5 Strip Club

A GTA 5 player claims to have found a tangible hint confirming the existence of GTA 6 hidden inside of one of the game’s many strip joints.

Rockstar knows all too well that pretty much the entire gaming community is waiting for something, anything concrete when it comes to GTA 6. That’s why PlayStation opened its PS5 event earlier this year with the reveal that GTA 5 is coming to its next-gen console. When the trailer began, for a magical few seconds, the world believed it was getting a first look at the next chapter in the GTA franchise.

The thing is, seven years on from its release, GTA 5 continues to impress when it comes to sales and popularity. Rockstar also keeps adding new content to GTA Online, including the opening of a casino over the summer and giving away free in-game cash simply for logging in. Until that popularity dwindles, chances are Rockstar won’t be in any hurry to reveal news about what’s coming next.

That won’t stop players clutching at straws though, and a Redditor MrBurpAlot thinks they have found images showing what GTA 6 might look like. The images come in the form of postcards that can be found in one of GTA 5’s strip clubs. The postcards are from a far-off destination called Paradise Isle, a POI that is yet to feature in any GTA game to date.

MrBurpAlot has compared the postcards to other apparent GTA 6 leaks from the past. However, those leaks were tenuous at best, and so is this one. The map featured in the post above has been “leaked” twice, but neither time did anyone confirm that the images are legit. MrBurpAlot believes that the postcards and the map line up. There’s certainly something there, but again, still nothing concrete.

The bottom line when it comes to any and all speculation regarding GTA 6 is always the same. Gamers won’t know anything for certain until Rockstar wants them to know it. If every rumor about GTA 6 comes to fruition, then it will be a pretty incredible game. Fingers crossed there’s an element of truth to at least some of them. On top of all that, it seems unlikely that a GTA 6 easter egg was placed in a game made in 2013, unless those postcards were added by a patch years later, of course.

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