Resident Evil Re:Verse has been delayed again admits Capcom

The least anticipated Resident Evil game of recent years has been delayed till next year, as Capcom struggles with the multiplayer spin-off.

The least anticipated Resident Evil game of recent years has been delayed by at least six months, as Capcom struggles with the multiplayer spin-off.

Resident Evil and multiplayer do not mix, or at least not outside story-based co-op. That’s been obvious to gamers for years now but Capcom has never been willing to admit it, with a sad procession of spin-offs that never prove anywhere near as popular as the single-player titles.

The latest is Resident Evil Re:Verse, which was to have been released alongside Resident Evil Village, in a similar manner to Resident Evil 3’s Resident Evil Resistance. That never happened though and instead it suffered a series of delays, with this latest one pushing it back to an unknown point in 2022.

There’s little explain for exactly why but no doubt it’s a result of the lukewarm reaction to the beta. Officially speaking though, Capcom merely want more time to, ‘continue working to deliver a smooth gameplay experience’.

No specific time frame was given for the delay, so it could be next Christmas for all anyone knows, but that does suggest some significant changes to the game – which can only be a good thing.

Apart from anything else this might be an attempt to change the comic book style artwork which many fans took an immediate dislike to and always seemed an odd choice.

Capcom has warned those that bought the physical version of Resident Evil Village not to lose their download code for Re:Verse, suggesting that it be used straight away rather than waiting until the game is actually out.

The delay might also have something to do with the new single-player DLC recently announced for Village. There’s no indication of what it is but it’s not hard to imagine that developers might have been taken off Re:Verse to work on it instead.

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