Star Wars Republic Commando Reportedly Struggles On Switch

It sounds like Star Wars Republic Commando on Switch may not run as well as fans would like on the hybrid system. We sense a disturbance in the force. Gaming junior editor of Comic Book Resources Abram Buehner tweeted out that he’s had issues with the game so far. “Republic Commando’s frame rate is really bad […]

Cooler Master MA612 Stealth Review – “It’s Time For An Upgrade”

I didn’t know that my PC was noisy. When you first get your new PC in and it’s clean, fans oiled, dust-free, it hums a bit and then fades into the background. Turn it on day after day, and although it’s a bit louder than it used to be, you never really notice it. Before […]

Things To Have In Mind When Renting Heavy Duty Equipment

When you are looking for a piece of heavy-duty equipment, you have two main choices, i.e., either to buy the equipment or to rent it. Where most people consider investing for long term benefits by buying, some consider renting a better option. Especially for people, or businesses who need such equipment on a rare basis, […]

Activision Blizzard Esports Restructuring, 50 Employees Face Layoffs

Activision Blizzard Esports today will announce a restructuring that will result in the layoffs of about 50 people, moves that top executive Tony Petitti says are a result of how the group has had to re-invent itself amid the coronavirus pandemic. In an interview this morning with SBJ/TEO, Petitti didn’t divulge specifics on what roles […]

Oddworld: Soulstorm Set For Release Very Soon

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee was a beloved cult classic from the original PlayStation generation, and while that game received a handful of sequels, creator Lorne Lanning says that those titles didn’t really captures his original vision for the series. Fortunately, Lanning is getting a second bite at the apple with Soulstorm, a true sequel to Oddysee, […]

Cloud9 Jack gets into it on Reddit with fans over import rule – Daily Esports

Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne got into it with League of Legends fans on the Cloud9 Reddit after a conversation about the North American import rule for drafting foreign players broke out on the forum. League of Legends Championship Series team owners have been pushing for Riot Games to adjust the current rule on imports. This […]

PlayStation Condemns Dreams Recreation Of Weetabix And Beans, And So Do We

Someone recreated the monstrosity that is Weetabix and beans in PS4’s Dreams, and PlayStation is as unhappy about it as the rest of us. Something different grips the attention of Twitter pretty much every single day. This week, it was Weetabix’s turn to go viral, and for all the wrong reasons. The well-known cereal brand […]

E3 2021 will be online only reveals leaked documents

For the second year running there will be no physical E3 event in the summer, as publishers consider whether to support an online show. In entirely unsurprising news, E3 organisers the ESA have seemingly abandoned plans to hold a physical event for E3 this year and are now trying to organise an online version instead. […]