Returnal Has Gone Gold

In a year filled with delays, it might be a relief for PlayStation fans to hear that printing has started for third-person shooter Returnal, which has officially gone gold.

“A huge thanks to everyone on the team at Housemarque, PlayStation Studios, and all the other teams involved,” developer Housemarque said on Twitter. “We can’t wait to have this out soon and for every player out there to experience the planet of Atropos!”

While Returnal is still a month away, it takes a while to manufacture the game and distribute it worldwide. In addition, this allows the developers more time to tweak the game and add whatever improvements they see fit in a day one patch. Going gold typically means that the game is ready to go and is playable for those who don’t have a connection to PSN.

However, you may want to play online for Returnal, as there are some unique features with other players. While there isn’t a co-op mode in the game yet, this shooter lets you avenge the death of other players or disrespectfully loot their remains. There’s a risk-reward element here, as when you try to seek revenge on those who killed fellow players, you have to finish a special event that triggers. If you manage to triumph through this ordeal, you’re in for some awesome rewards.

The critically acclaimed studio will be stepping out of its comfort zone with this release, as it has previously ushered out excellent arcade-inspired shooters. It was originally going to bring out a battle royale, but as competition grew fierce with Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Call of Duty Warzone, Housemarque decided to switch gears to Returnal. While the game has a triple-A budget look with some gorgeous visuals, the randomly generated aspects of a roguelike are still intact.

With each playthrough, the world constantly changes, and like Hades, the story is told through this lens of a roguelike. Every time you die, the protagonist awakens in a crash-landed ship, but the world is different from the one she inhabited before. Different items are available to you and there are new combinations that will, according to PlayStation, have you “approach combat with a different strategy each time.”

Returnal is launching exclusively for PS5 on April 30.

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