RimWorld Player Floods Base With 140,000 Uranium Thanks To Trading Mod

RimWorld is a fun colony simulator game that lets you build a little group of people as you try and escape a planet on the outer edge of the galaxy, a rim world, if you will. As with many PC games, you crafty bunch have an excellent time modding it and shaping it to your specifications. However, the Vanilla Trading Expanded mod seems to be causing some issues, such as one player flooding their home map with 140,000 units of uranium.

The mod, available to download on Steam, is meant to make the trading system in the game a little more exciting by adding fluctuating value to things. the problem with this, it seems, is that if you flood the market with something, its value drops. As quest rewards seem to be tied to the value of an item rather than the item itself, this has led to rewards in the hundreds of thousands.

Redditor The_Voice_Anon accepted a quest that offered a reward of 140,000 uranium, without realising just how much that was. As you can see from the picture below, their base is absolutely flooded with the stuff. Their colonists will be mutated and glowing by the end of the week if they don't sell it all as soon as possible. It'll be cheap though once the supply outweighs the demand.

Many in the replies immediately knew the issue was the mod. It is possible to tweak the mod to adjust these sorts of things, but a lot of you apparently aren't doing that. One person wrote, "Yesterday I had to decline a quest because they offered me 14 million plasteel… I am pretty sure it would start spawning in real life at this point."

The mod got updated in mid-December, so that may be why "it’s been an epidemic the last week or so of people making the exact same mistake and somehow missing the thousands of other posts about it."

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