Rumor: Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS5 Version Will Be Announced Soon

The battle against the Shinra Corporation might soon be making the jump to a move advanced system, as there are rumors that Square Enix will announce that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is coming to PS5.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is currently a PS4 exclusive, but that deal is due to expire in April. There’s no denying that it’s one of the best-looking games of its generation, which is why it chugs on PS4 hardware. It’s currently possible to play it on the PS5 through the system’s backward compatibility feature, which drastically cuts the load times. The frame rate and resolution are both still capped, which is why fans are hoping for Square Enix to update the game for the upgraded system.

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It’s possible that Square Enix will soon announce the enhanced version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Noted Final Fantasy leaked Navtra (who correctly predicted information about Final Fantasy 16) has claimed on ResetEra that Square Enix will announce the PS5 version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake next month, along with news regarding Life is Strange Season 3. Navtra also clarified that the pandemic could change these plans.

It has been speculated that the announcement was going to be made during the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake Concert in Tokyo. That concert has now been canceled, due to the escalating pandemic situation in Japan. It’s possible that Square Enix will announce it during a livestream that is held in lieu of the concert, or it could be saved for an upcoming Sony State of Play event.

It’s still unclear what form the PS5 version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake will take. It’s possible that it’s just a patch that improves the quality of the game, similar to what was recently released for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It’s possible that fans might need to pay again for the upgraded version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but it will contain new content, like Control: Ultimate Edition. It’s a safe bet that Final Fantasy 7 Remake will receive some kind of upgrade on PS5, especially considering the game’s close connection to the PlayStation line of systems. It’s unclear when exactly this will happen, especially with everything that’s going on in the world.

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Source: Navtra/ResetEra, (2)

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