Rumor: Konami Might Be Licensing Out The Metal Gear IP

The last time we heard from Metal Gear was when the first two games got ported to PC last September. The last Metal Gear game was Metal Gear Survive, a failed survival game that nobody played because it was only tangentially related to the larger Metal Gear universe. And it didn’t have Snake in it, either.

Survive seemed to give Konami concern that maybe the key ingredient to making a good Metal Gear game was actually the series creator, Hideo Kojima. Sadly, that bridge got pretty well burned during Metal Gear Solid 5’s development, and so there’s likely zero chance of Kojima working with Konami ever again.

Since then, it’s been all quiet on the Metal Gear Solid front. Perhaps that’s for the best, but a dormant IP is one that’s not making Konami any money, so the latest rumor seems to have some legs.

According to a source speaking to ACG-Gaming, Konami is currently in the process of trying to find a buyer for the Metal Gear Solid IP. Whether that means licensing or an outright purchase remains to be seen.

This leaker apparently has some credibility with ACG for having a perfect track record of calling previous announcements, such as Far Cry Primal and the Deathloop delay.

ACG-Gaming recently took to Reddit to clarify their comments on a recent podcast.

“I was simply stating I had heard from a source, the same that informed of the Xbox boost the Deathloop delay, Bloodlines, and the other stuff I had talked about as saying this happening and that Metal Gear ITSELF was in some way UP for grabs,” wrote ACG-Gaming. “That source has been reliable all this year so I said it. I don’t have the time to really discuss bs so I don’t repeat most. But they were right about the Bloodlines stuff the Deathloop stuff. So I figured it was worthy.”

Konami has said nothing about putting Metal Gear up for sale, so take this leak with a heft amount of salt.

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