Sci-Fi FPS Diluvian Ultra Is Set In A Spaceship Made of Flesh

If you’ve ever wanted to play an energetic FPS surrounded by insect flesh, then waste no time in trying out the alpha demo for Diluvian Ultra. The colorful Sci-Fi is available through Steam from today, and carries a gothic atmosphere with enough robotic insects to sink an insectoid spaceship.

Diluvian Ultra is set within a “living spaceship,” where its insides are made of flesh and stone that resemble one of Castlevania’s interiors. Battling insectoid monsters from within the spaceship, your job is to defend yourself – where weapon choice is key – and try not to brush against the fleshy walls for your own peace of mind. The 3D, 16-bit graphics are a joy to move around, especially when your surroundings are saturated with hyperbolic color.

The current build – that released today – showcases one 20-minute long level that features various secret areas for you to discover. Its fast pace and invasive combat is exhilirating to button spam your way through by using an array of guns and a plasma sword. The insectoids at times resemble mini Transformers with a penchant for surprising attacks, and the level features satisfying sound effects accompanied by a foot-tapping, Cyberpunk score that will help you keep momentum.

Like any FPS, weapon choice is important, and the insectoids carry unique armor that requires the use of a particular gun to remove before inflicting any damage. Players will need to focus on destroying the enemies’ protection first, before switching to another gun to deplete their health. The insectoids are not as repulsive as the walls of the spaceship – built from gossamer flesh – as they exhibit more of a Kamen Rider appearance. 

Diluvian Ultra, previously just named Diluvian, first appeared in 2016, however the current build – released by developers CrestHelm – has been labelled as “almost unrecognizable” from its original build. Some issues within the alpha have been highlighted on the Alpha Beta Gamer website, that include the lack of dash and some power issues with weapons, however the website has been favorable towards its artwork and mechanics.

Its premise reflects the high octane gameplay, as protagonist Atilla must quickly defend his spaceship – after awaking from a “millennia long sleep” – against an army of insectoids who seek a secret on board.

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