Shiny Toxtricity Coming To GameStop Giveaway Next Week

Signs have started appearing at GameStops in the US and EB Games in Canada revealing a new Shiny giveaway starting on February 19. Both stores are giving away a free Shiny Toxtricity.

The news comes courtesy of, the Pokemon wiki. According to the site’s Twitter, this Shiny Toxtricity giveaway is being done to hype up the new Pokemon TCG set, Shining Fates.

To get your Toxtricity, head into EB Games in Canada or GameStop in the US starting February 19. Codes are being given away via the Pokemon Pass app, which can then be input into your copy of Sword or Shield for a free Pokemon.

Toxtricity is pretty great, so a free Shiny is bound to attract attention. That might be good for GameStop’s stock price, but not exactly great for public health during a pandemic. Be sure to wear a mask and maintain social distance if you plan to grab a free Toxtricity.

Hopefully yours will come with the Punk Rock ability. That turns Toxtricity’s signature move, Boomburst, into a massively overpowered attack that can clear entire teams under the right circumstances.

In other Pokemon news, a set of First Edition Pokemon cards just sold for $666,000 at auction, proving that the Pokemon TCG is certainly no joke to collectors.

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