Skyrim: All Hireling Followers and Where to Find Them

Skyrim is a massive game, featuring a massive nation bustling with many peoples. And fortunately for players, there’s quite a selection of possible companions among its many characters.

Indeed, from mages to warriors to archers, from mercenaries to soldiers to assassins, there are quite a few followers scattered throughout the frozen landscape. Those of the mercenary lifestyle have become rather popular among many a Dragonborn. So for those seeking help for hire, these are all of Skyrim’s mercenary followers, and where to find them.

7 Belrand

Belrand is among the easier to find hirelings, as he’s located in the city of Solitude. And said city is home to many quests in Skyrim, both for the main questline and others. As is common with many mercenaries, he’ll be laying low and enjoying a pint or two in Solitude’s tavern. He’s an interesting mixture of magic and warrior, a Spellsword who can shoot a Fireball or two as well as he can swing an axe. Aside from being a regular follower, he can also be a spouse, recruited into the Blades, or become a house steward in the Hearthfire DLC. Like most mercenaries, he has the set price to hire of 500 gold. That can be a bit rough early game, especially for those who skip directly to Solitude. But fortunately, like all other mercenaries, this is also a one-time price, and he’ll join players again for free if ever dismissed from service.

6 Erik the Slayer

Erik the Slayer — such a fearsome name for such an inexperienced mercenary. Indeed, Erik is the only hireling who doesn’t start out as such. Instead, he’s a simple villager in the small town of Rorikstead, helping his father run the inn yet wanting to be so much more. Successfully completing his small, personal quest of convincing his father to allow his adventuring will unlock him as a follower. But even if only once, that he dares request the regular 500 gold fee for the first hire is a bit bold considering his lack of experience. Players are the ones who make his dream come true, and some may have even paid for his armor and weaponry too to complete his quest. How come he can’t show a little gratitude and offer a discount at the very least? Well, if players can get past that, he’s a decent archer, and possible Blades member or steward. So for those interested, be sure to swing by Rorikstead.

5 Jenassa

Jenassa is among the earliest of hirelings players will probably encounter, and it makes sense. After all, she’s located within Whiterun, the first major city players more than likely visit, whether in the main quest or while simply exploring. She’s also located close to the entrance, resting inside the Drunken Huntsman and waiting to be hired. She’s the only female mercenary in all of Skyrim, interestingly. And though she hails from a magically gifted race, her best fighting abilities lay in traditional fighting styles like Archery, Light Armor, and more. She’s also a possible marriage candidate, or can be turned into a Blade member.

4 Marcurio

Marcurio is an interesting mercenary, being a battle-mage for hire. But he’s quite potent, able to wield powerful Destruction, Restoration, and Alteration magic. He’s located in Riften, which means he’ll be easy to find given the city’s major role in numerous quests, be it main, Thieves Guild, or Dark Brotherhood. He’ll be located inside Riften’s tavern, resting near its southernmost entrance. He’s also among Skyrim’s many marriage candidates, as well as a possible Blades member, or even a Steward in the Hearthfire DLC. Whatever players are considering hiring him for, he’s certainly proven himself brave enough. Being an Imperial magic-user in the middle of strong Stormcloak territory takes guts, and clearly, he has them!

3 Stenvar

Stenvar is, hypothetically, the Stormcloak equivalent of a hireling to Belrand being the Imperial equivalent. Indeed, this specific mercenary is located in the city of Windhelm, the center of Skyrim’s rebellion. And like many a Stormcloak rebel, he’s a pure, proud, and strong Nord warrior through and through, using all combative skills and no magic.

He’s another available bachelor, or a possible Blades member for those already taken. Though, interestingly enough, he’s not a possible steward to any Hearthfire house built, so players will have to look elsewhere for one. But for those who enjoy strong warriors and/or Stormcloaks, he may just be a perfect match as a follower.

2 Vorstag

Yet another proud Nord warrior, Vorstag is the last of the main-game hirelings. He can be found in Markarth’s inn, and like all other mercenaries, has a first-time fee of 500 gold. He’s not too different from Stenvar in skills, save favoring One-Handed Weapons over Two-Handed. He’s a possible bachelor, too, and Blades member, but not available to be a steward, like the former. But for those who find favor in the city of Markarth or warriors, he might just be a perfect follower for them.

1 Teldryn Sero

Teldryn is an extremely unique follower, as he’s the only one added by any of Skyrim’s three DLCs, namely that of Dragonborn. He’s located on the island of Solstheim in the Wretching Netch, and has the usual 500 gold fee (with an extra 250, if we count the boat fee to initially travel to Raven Rock). He technically makes the 3rd non-Nord mercenary of the game, and the 2nd Dark Elf, aside from Jenassa. He’s also another Spellsword, using an arsenal of powerful magic and weaponry to aid Dragonborns should he be hired. He isn’t an eligible bachelor, though he can be recruited into the Blades, or made into a Hearthfire steward. Those interested in having him as a hireling best book it over to Windhelm and find a good boat.

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