Someone Turned Matt Reeves’ The Batman Trailer Into A Stylish Animation

It’s a long road to 2022, particularly March of next year when Matt Reeves’ highly anticipated The Batman releases. Its DC FanDome trailer gave us a taste of the director’s tone as well as our first live-action glimpse of Robert Pattinson in the cowl. While we wait for its distant debut, one fan has reimagined the atmospheric trailer as a stylish animation.

Other than a few set photos – including Batman’s stunt double zooming around a Scottish cemetery on the Batcycle – the two-minute trailer has been our only introduction to Pattinson’s Wayne, the feature’s roster of iconic DC characters, and Reeves’ unique vision. Filming of The Batman wrapped last month and its narrative will exist on Earth-2, setting it apart from adaptations gone before.

The trailer became seminal in itself, accompanied by Nirvana’s Something In The Way and ending with an image of Wayne’s raccoon eyes – an element of the Dark Knight’s suit that has never been addressed before in past films. Therefore, it seems only fitting that Reeves’ trailer went on to inspire fans to riff off of its originality, and one illustrator has gone and above and beyond.

Illustrator and animator ‘TheArt91Lee’ made their YouTube debut with an animated remake of The Batman trailer. Recreating every scene, frame by frame, the animator used the trailer’s original audio and music to accompany their slick remake, which one user thought was worth a “12 dollar ticket fee and 16 bucks medium popcorn.” Its design is comic book-styled but honed to perfection, making every frame pop with color and definition that warrants a full feature submission by the animator.

The arrival of this fan-made masterpiece compliments Warner Bros. recent release of Batman: The Long Halloween – a two-part animated adaptation of the popular comic book. With Chris Palmer at the helm, a few of The Batman’s characters also make an appearance in The Long Halloween, such as Carmine Falcone, Selina Kyle, and Commissioner Gordon.

The Batman trailer opens with a lengthy look as Westworld actor Jeffrey Wright’s portrayal of James Gordon, and this variant of Gotham City’s veteran officer will be getting his own spin-off show in HBO Max’s Gotham PD. Wright’s name is currently not attached to the project, but the series is a definite prequel of Reeves’ feature film.

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