Warzone: Chests Should Guarantee Some Amount Of Cash

Warzone chests are no longer guaranteed to contain money and, as is becoming the norm with any change to the game, players aren’t happy.

Warzone might have attracted 50 million players in its first month, but that doesn’t mean its developers are doing everything right. Infinity Ward seems reluctant to add something players want without removing something they like about the game at the same time. Whether that be replacing Trios with Quads, or getting rid of Bounties in favor of Most Wanted contracts.

Warzone‘s developers do have good reasons for some of the decisions they’ve made so far. The one that has caused the biggest amount of backlash is the constant replacement of different modes. However, if modes and playlists were added rather than replacing another, the player base would become stretched and the wait to join a match would get longer.

Other changes have had players accusing Infinity Ward of something every developer of a battle royale game has been accused of — pandering to the needs of new players rather than established ones. The removal of guaranteed cash from Warzone chests has had players throwing that accusation around once again. The latest update has removed cash from a lot of the game’s chests.

The latest changes appear to have been put in place to prevent players from bringing teammates back, at least for the long haul. Players need $4500 to pay for a teammate to respawn, providing they can find a Buy Station in time. Finding a chest would usually bring a player one step closer to being reunited with a teammate, but that is no longer the case. Finding cash in chests has now become a lottery.

Infinity Ward has also added an announcement to nearby players when a returning player is dropping in nearby. That means even if someone does manage to buy a second chance for a teammate, if they land near an enemy, they stand very little chance of making it out of that area alive. Two months in and all of these changes run the risk of killing Warzone‘s popularity, making it a short-lived battle royale diversion.

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