Sony’s Attempted Improvement Of 50Hz PS1 Games Has The Opposite Effect

Sony's recent patch, which was supposed to improve the quality of 50Hz classic PS1 games, has somehow managed to make things worse. Several users have reported that the update creates an on-screen effect that's quite distracting.

Last week, a number of classic PlayStation 1 and PSP games became available in the Asia region as part of the PlayStation Plus revamp by Sony. Unfortunately, all the classic PS1 games were using the European PAL format instead of the region specific, NTSC format. This resulted in the games being forcefully run at 50Hz even though NTSC's faster 60Hz refresh rate was available – the games resultantly ran slower than required.

Sony eventually put out an update to fix this issue, however, it seems to have created a little problem of its own. As spotted by VGC, Twitter user, Windy Corner TV reported that the update has caused a ghosting effect which is very noticeable while scrolling the moving the screen. This means that there was a lagging effect every time the player moved the in-game view around.

"Sony has released a patch for a few PS1 Classics on the PS4/PS5 that "improves" the PAL output. The patch upscales the PAL code to 60hz by blending frames. But the technique has introduced these horrible ghosting artifacts," explained Windy Corner TV as the tweet also had images to show what exactly the issue was. All the in-game assets seemed to have a 'ghost' of themselves following the camera at a slight delay.

The revamped PS Plus offerings have resulted in a slew of classic games being available along with their trophies as well. A couple of days ago, someone reported spotting Dino Crisis on the PS Plus Classics page in the asia region; it wasn't available to download however. Another classic for the PSP, Resistance: Retribution recently received a rating for PS4 and PS5 in Korea, leading to speculation that it will be coming to the classics roster as part of the revamped PlayStation Plus offerings.

As for the trophies for these classics, Sony confirmed that while most of the games will support trophies, it will be up to the developers if they want to include them.

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