South Korea Boy Band BTS Is Playing Fall Guys In Their Next Webisode

First it was Fortnite, and then K-pop sensation BTS came out with their own game where fans can live out their fantasies of dressing every member in whatever trendy clothes they desire like virtual dolls. Which isn’t creepy at all.

And now they’re doing Fall Guys. They’re not actually IN Fall Guys, although we’re certain that the idea of a BTS costume must now be percolating somewhere within the great minds at Mediatonic. Four members of BTS will play Fall Guys in the next webisode of Run BTS, the online web series that showcases the BTS gang in various activities.

The Fall Guys Twitter account was over the moon to find out that BTS is apparently a fan. You can see them playing a game of Whirlygig in the preview photo.

Having evidently secured the non-gamer audience, BTS seems intent on grabbing gamers to assimilate into their growing ARMY of fans. A few months back, BTS debuted a new choreography video for their hit single Dynamite in Fortnite, along with some new dance emotes for players. Then came BTS Universe Story, a mobile visual novel game that lets fans create their own stories involving BTS.

That said, Mediatonic already has all our money, so all they need to do is keep a viable online game requiring roughly 50-60 participants per match in order to keep Fall Guys going. Give it a few more months, a Switch release, and maybe a mobile release, and Fall Guys will be just fine for 2021 and maybe beyond, with or without BTS’s help.

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