Steam Unveils Remote Play Together With Anyone In Latest Beta Client Update

A few years ago, Steam unveiled its Remote Play Together feature. Basically, it lets anyone on Steam play a couch co-op game with anyone else on Steam even if one of those players doesn’t actually own the game. One player who owns the game serves as the host and then streams their game data via Steam to a friend, letting both players play the same game as though they were in the same room.

Now, Steam is taking Remote Play Together one step further by offering it to gamers who don’t even have a Steam account.

The latest Steam Client Beta includes a new form of Remote Play Together that lets the user copy a link and send that link to anyone, anywhere, on any device. Then, whoever has the link can play remotely through the Steam Link App.

To start, you first have to opt-in to the Steam Beta client. Follow this link for instructions on how to do that. Next, you need to play a game that supports Steam Remote Play. There are literally thousands of games that support this feature, including Brawlhalla, Skullgirls, Civ 6, MK11, Divinity Original Sin 2, and many more. You can also go into your own Steam library and select Advanced Filter Options to filter for games that support Remote Play.

Now that you’ve got a Remote Play game, launch it. In your Steam Friends List, you’ll see a big “COPY LINK” button that will do exactly what it says. That link can be sent to anyone to invite them to play the game you’re currently playing.

There are a few caveats. The device that your friend is playing on has to be able to install the Steam Link App, so that means no playing Brawlhalla on a calculator from 1989. Also, only one non-Steam friend can be invited to play, but you can invite other Steam friends to play the same game with your one non-Steam friend.

Just like with Steam Remote Play, you can invite a friend to use your mouse and keyboard inputs if you happen to be using a controller.

Remember that Steam Remote Play Together With Anyone is still in beta, so there might be a few bugs. But still, this is a huge feature that’ll let you play couch co-op games with, well, anyone.

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