Stray Fans Speculate It’s Taking Place 7 Million Years In The Future

Stray launched on PC and PlayStation a week ago, and even though its story takes roughly five hours to play through, quite a few of its players still aren't done. Not because they haven't finished the story, but because they're trying to figure out the inner workings of the game's fictional world. Trying to solve puzzles like how far into the future is Stray supposed to be taking place.

Stray is clearly set at some point in the future, as the world you traverse as a cat is inhabited by robots that were built by humans, but those humans are no longer around. As for exactly how far-flung into the future Stray might be, one player has evidence pointing to the possibility that Stray is set in a world almost seven million years ahead of the one we find ourselves in right now.

A droid called B-12 accompanies your cat on its journey and is able to translate certain words and phrases you find along the way. At one point in the game, B-12 reads some writing on a wall that says the robots were created to be slaves, but for the past 2,544,875,556 days, they have had souls. Mimo Shikufu did the math and calculated that those 2.5 billion days work out at just short of 7 million years.

If that alone is tricky to get your head around, wait until you get a load of the discussion that has ensued in the comments. Another player has highlighted the robots might not conceive time the same way we do, pointing at some of the clocks you can find in the game that have 16 hours on them instead of 12. On the one hand, the robots live in a closed-off city complete with a roof, so it's feasible their days aren't 24 hours long. However, others have questioned why robots programmed by humans would have a different understanding of how long a day lasts.

Some of the theories as to when exactly Stray is supposed to take place get even wilder. One suggests it is so far in the future that Earth has a 32-hour clock. Some complex calculations reveal it will take 584 billion years for that to happen naturally. If you're looking for something more to do with Stray that doesn't melt your brain, you can mod Garfield, a French bulldog, or even CJ from San Andreas into the game already.

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