Streamer 39Daph Fixes DOOM Eternal’s Soundtrack

If you don’t like DOOM Eternal’s soundtrack, then maybe give this streamer’s idea a try.

Personally, DOOM Eternal’s soundtrack is the best. Mick Gordon’s particular brand of heavy metal is just the right kind of jam to slay demons and possessed humans too. Shotguns, chainsaws, plasma rifles–what’s more metal than using these implements of destructions to rend and tear your way through Hell’s army?

However, some people don’t like heavy metal. Those people are wrong, but we’ll allow them their opinions. Twitch streamer 39Daph decided to cater to those very wrong people by changing the music that played while she enjoyed DOOM Eternal.

During a recent stream, 39Daph paused her game and turned off Mick Gordon’s bangin’ licks. Then she started playing Super Mario Advance 3 (also known as Super Mario World Yoshi’s Island) and swapped in a track called Flower Garden. The results were as expected.

“NOOOOOOOO,” said one angry member of 39Daph’s chat. Others found it more amusing, with various laughing emojis and memes shared at a rapid pace.

But most of Daph’s fans didn’t seem to like the Stardew Valley-esque music. “No put doom music back,” “why daph why,” and “please daph back to the original music PLEASE,” went the chorus of Daph’s despairing chat.

She did eventually turn it back to DOOM Eternal’s standard soundtrack, but not before killing herself on a Carcass’s energy shield. Many in the chat believed it to be karmic justice for making them endure such an upbeat tune in such a violent video game.

That said, there did seem to be at least a few people that really enjoyed the lo-fi 8-bit sounds of Yoshi’s Island. Perhaps Bethesda should take note and add an option to replace DOOM Eternal’s soundtrack with something a little more soothing. And if not, then the mod community might be able to produce something similar.

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