The Cast Of The Witcher Hosts Competitive Bakeoff On Twitter

If you’re looking for ways to kill the time during quarantine, take some inspiration from the cast of The Witcher. Many members of the Netflix series’ cast and crew have taken to Twitter in order to host a full-blown baking competition, and the footage is sure to get your appetite going.

It all started when casting director Sophie Holland made some delicious hot cross buns. This led Paul Bullion, the actor playing Lambert in season 2, to put together his own creation in the form of some tasty-looking cinnamon rolls. From there, the ball really started to roll.

Next, Tom Canton (Filavandrel) baked some incredible beef wellington. Then, Jeremy Crawford (Yarpen Zingrin) threw his hat in the ring with a tasty apple pie, cutting the apples with an axe in perfect Dwarven fashion.

Many delectable creations followed, including some chili-chocolate bites from Adele Oni (Téa,) banoffee muffins from Mecia Simson (Francesca Findabair,) and homemade meatloaf from show-runner, Lauren Hissrich. Finally, Yasen Atour (Coën) threw a bunch of random ingredients together and made a giant mess.

We’ve yet to see any baked goods from Geralt himself, Henry Cavill, but with all the time he probably has in quarantine, we wouldn’t be surprised if it happens eventually. Although he could be caught up painting all of those Warhammer miniatures, or playing through The Witcher 3 again.

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