The Division 2 Free Trial Gives Players Eight Hours Of Playtime

Anyone who has been thinking about jumping into The Division 2 can now do it for free. Ubisoft has stated that, as of today, players can dive in for a total of eight hours of playtime, giving everyone a lengthy trial to see if the game suits their playstyle.

The free trial comes on the same day as patch 1.22, which features new additions to the game’s loot and some major balance changes. Exotics can now be upgraded and rerolled, which is one of the most requested community features since the launch of the game and should make progression feel more impactful. Several talents and items have also been reworked or buffed, giving players more variety in their end game builds.

The most recent expansion, Warlords of New York, has so far been a critical success, and these kinds of patches along with the yearly roadmap of seasons provide players with a concrete set of tasks to work towards. If ever there was a good time to jump into The Division 2, this is it.

Players should note that there are a couple of restrictions in the trail, as joining clans and making in-game purchases will be disabled until the full game is purchased.

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