The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff: Everything You Need To Know About Haunted Houses

In The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff you can live your best supernatural life with the brand new Haunted House Residential trait. This new lot type will bring all the spooks to your yard and if you don’t take control then you may even encounter… her.

Haunted houses can be a great place to live, especially since you gain reward points for each night you get through. However, they come with a few unique traits that you need to be aware of and understand. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Haunted House Residential lot type

Creating A Haunted House

Any house can be a haunted house, even pre-built lots already in your game. The trait is also not tied to any world, meaning these specters can go anywhere you desire. All you need to do is enter build mode and change the lot type to Haunted House Residential. Just make sure you’ve selected the Haunted House lot type, rather than the Spooky lot trait which simply encourages more ghosts to hang around.

If you’d rather not build a mysterious mansion you’ll also find Doctor Ashley’s pre-built Duplantier Dwelling in your library, ready to place into the world. Just make sure you’ve saved the house with the correct type as it can revert to a regular residential lot when you add it from the gallery.

Technically you can make any lot haunted, including community lots. However, the Haunted House feature is a lot type so any community lot will lose the features of its original type and instead gain the haunted features and functionality as a residential home. This means that while your haunted gym building can gain some specters, it will no longer attract townies. Instead you’ll need to move a Sim into the lot in order to visit it and experience the supernatural phenomenon.

Haunted House Residential Lot Features

With this lot type selected, several paranormal related lot features will come into play. While you’ll get the most out of living in a haunted house, you can still experience most of the features by visiting other Sims who live there. Here’s what you can expect from your haunted houses.

  • Ghostly Assistance

This trait means that Guidry, a ghost who will act as a guide to help you with paranormal problems, will automatically appear on the second night. He will then keep returning to the lot frequently, unless you ask him not to.

  • Specters

On haunted house lots specters will appear each night. They range from friendly, happy spirits who just want to explore to angry, hostile specters with occasional fire breath. The different colors will give you a clue about their intentions and you can also watch them to find out more.

  • Haunted Treasure

Haunted treasures are items which specters can drop. Many of these are the same as rewards from the Freelance Paranormal Investigator career but some differ. They are mostly harmless and many are beneficial.

  • Paranormal Activity

This feature means your lights will flicker and you’ll definately notice some things going bump in the night. Our top tip is to make sure your Sims get some rest in the day as this activity can make them too terrified to sleep.

  • Accursed Objects

These objects include creepy tendrils, supernatural symbols and dolls with cold dead eyes. If left unchecked they will mysteriously multiply.

  • It’s Alive

The house has a spiritual harmony level. If you want to keep things under control then you’ll need to work to keep things peaceful. Alternatively you can ramp up the paranormal occurances and see how chaotic things can get when the specters take over.

  • Be Brave

Each night you spend in a haunted house will earn your Sim 125 reward store points. If you ramp up the activity level to heroic, using the hand statue, this is doubled to 250 points a night.

  • Aspiring Investigators Welcome

Guidry’s presence makes it much easier for your Sims to get their Paranormal Investigation License. Just make sure you keep practicing that Medium skill as you’ll need to max it out before asking Guidry to hand over your qualification. Your experience at home will also equip you to better handle paranormal gigs.

  • ????????

This mysterious lot trait simply says “She’s coming for you.” The ominous warning is regarding Temperance, an eternally angry spirit who has a history with Guidry. She can be rough to handle but luckily, as long as you have a séance table and level three Medium skill then you have Bonehilda as backup.

Surviving In A Haunted House

Living in a haunted house isn’t for everyone but there are a few things that can help you out. We recommend learning the medium skill and asking Bonehilda and Guidry for a hand. You can also check out the different clutter items that can have an effect on the spiritual atmosphere.

We also recommend leaving all creepy items hanging around until the welcome wagon has been. Consider watching their reactions sweet revenge for those years of unwanted fruitcake.

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