Things About Genshin Impact That Make No Sense

Genshin Impact is one of the most impactful games of recent times. In marrying the freeform exploration of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild with a gorgeous anime aesthetic, somewhat controversial gacha game mechanics, and the accessibility that comes with being free-to-play across different platforms, the game has become one of the most commercially successful games ever made.

But in a game as huge, popular, and ever-changing as this, there are bound to be a few, or more than a few, details that just don't make sense. And as beloved as Genshin Impact is, there are definitely some things that leave players scratching their heads.

10 Why Is A Child An Explosives Expert?

Klee was added to the game in the fall of 2020, and her strength and cute design made her an instant favorite among players. But if you stop to think about it, it's pretty weird that a literal child is throwing bombs around like it's no big deal.

Sure, Klee is technically an elf of some kind – she ages much more slowly than humans, which means she's probably been around for a few decades – but one of her attacks references the classic children's tragedy Humpty Dumpty. She's also still very childlike in nature, especially when it comes to safety. The jury is out on whether she can be trusted with explosives.

9 Why Is Tai Running A Shop And Not A Museum?

In Liyue Harbor, you might come across a merchant who beckons you to check out his "rare and precious curios." This is Tai, and his shop is full of antiques and treasures of incomprehensible value, including a censer and a teapot that once belonged to Rex Lapis.

But if you actually try to buy any of his wares, he turns you away. No, Tai isn't actually a merchant. Instead, he just wants to show off all the cool, random stuff he's picked up. Which is fine, I guess, but then why is he running a shop? Also, how are some of his artifacts not considered national treasures? Surely both Tai and his wares belong in a museum?

8 Where Do Guests At The Wangshu Inn Sleep?

The Wangshu Inn has an in-game reputation as a major hub for commerce and travel. It's a huge, noticeable landmark too, given that it perches on top of a stone tower that's visible for miles around. So you'd expect the inn to be full of rooms where guests can sleep, right? Wrong.

The inn doesn't actually seem to have any bedrooms in it at all, even though there are NPCs nearby who talk about sleeping there. The mystery of where these guests are actually staying has puzzled pretty much every player.

7 Why Does Everyone Keep Trying To Eat Paimon?

In one of the game's earliest story beats, the Traveler fishes the cutesy fairy-like character Paimon out of a lake, and she joins them on their travels. Shortly after that, another new acquaintance asks the Traveler what Paimon is (a reasonable question), to which you can respond "emergency food." This sets off a trend of new characters asking who Paimon is, what Paimon is, and if they can eat her.

The biggest question with this is that Paimon looks like a human, or at least humanoid. She's pretty much a cute fairy child giving you a slightly annoying commentary on your travels. So, why does everyone want to eat her? Is cannibalism common in Teyvat?

6 What's In The Secret Room?

In the Dawn Winery, if you eavesdrop on the maids Hillie and Moco, you'll discover some interesting information about the head maid, Adelinde. Apparently, she has an extra key on her key ring that leads to a hidden door, and Hillie once heard a thumping behind that door that sounded exactly like Adelinde's footsteps.

Adelinde will also offer you some extra honey roasts, claiming that they're just regular animal roasts and there's nothing wrong or strange about them at all… before chuckling evilly. Clearly perfectly normal behavior and we're sure there's absolutely nothing strange or creepy or unsettling going on there. Nope, just delicious meat.

5 What Is Going On With Jean's Office?

In Mondstadt, you can visit the office of Jean Gunnhildr, who is also known as the Dandelion Knight. It's not weird that she has an office since she's the Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius. What is weird, though, is that her office seems to have windows that don't exist.

If you view it from outside the building, you'll see that it has a window facing outwards; but inside, that window is replaced with a bookshelf. Is her office situated on top of a dimensional portal?

4 Why Can You Recruit Literal Gods?

One of the biggest draws of Genshin Impact is its characters, and the game offers you the ability to recruit a vast array of heroes through its gacha mechanic. This is all well and good, but it starts to get a little strange when it comes to characters like Venti and Zhongli.

Both of these characters are immortal gods who are worshipped and revered by their subjects, and yet here they are, tagging along with the Traveler. Not that it's not cool to have powerful deities in your party, but like… don't they have other stuff to do? It gets especially weird when you are tasked with things like cleaning Venti's statue, something best suited to Venti's anemo skills.

3 What Is Aloy Doing Here?

Aloy is one of Sony's modern-day mascots, and she's as iconic as contemporaries like Ellie and Nathan Drake. You'll notice that all three of those characters share a more realistic sense of character design, which fits the grittiness and sense of weight in their games. So when Aloy was announced as a new heroine in Genshin Impact's first crossover event, the collective response was something like: "huh?"

Aloy's new, cutesier design is a great fit for the game, but she's a bit of an odd choice… and even Mihoyo themselves seemed to acknowledge that, since she doesn't have a constellation like the other heroes. She's an odd choice who doesn't fit in, yet here she is.

2 Why Doesn't Treading Water Use Stamina?

Genshin Impact makes use of a stamina system, which limits how far you can push your character. In a huge game like this, this kind of mechanic is necessary, since it keeps you from being too overpowered and adds a degree of realism.

However, while swimming in Genshin Impact does drain your stamina, simply treading water and remaining in one place does not. Technically, you could swim out to the middle of a lake and get stuck there forever, unable to reach the shore. Although it is helpful if Kaeya is around to come and ice bridge you to safety

1 How Do Eggs Revive Your Party?

Any RPG worth its salt needs some way to revive a KO'd party member. Most will tie this to certain special items, like Phoenix Downs in Final Fantasy or fairies in The Legend Of Zelda; in both cases, these items are particularly magical, which makes sense because they're used to bring characters back from death. In Genshin Impact, though, one of the ways to revive your party is… a fried egg.

We're not entirely sure how this works. Does the Traveler pry open a party member's mouth and force an egg down their throat? Are eggs some sort of arcane magic? If I eat a fried egg, will all my injuries be healed? So many questions.

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