THQ Nordic Teases Destroy All Humans! 2 Remaster In Midweek Madness Trailer

Developer THQ Nordic released a Midweek Madness trailer last week, announcing that the hit open-world action-adventure Destroy All Humans! was 50% off on Steam. This news may not have been enough to make you spit out your Revelade, but the developer’s trailer holds a teaser that might.

Spotted by IGN, the trailer’s 1:15 mark holds a strange conversation between Crypto-138 and the Destroy All Humans! protagonist Crypto-137. The trailer’s conclusion presents 138 who asks, “Are you done yet, 137?” before the lead of the original game responds with “Wait your turn, little tadpole, I’m only getting started.” The significance here is that Crypto-138 is wearing the enhanced outfit from the sequel by Pandemic Studios. This outfit combined with 137’s statement of “I’m only getting started”, seems to hint that a remaster of the sequel is in the works. However, it could also mean that a Cypto-138 DLC is in development.

The remake of Destroy All Humans! – released last year – was met with overwhelming positivity and merit for its visual enhancements of the PS2 and Xbox cult classic. A remake of the sequel is expected to be on the table, and a statement from IGN also confirmed that something was afoot. The quote from Destroy All Humans! senior producer, Martin Kreuch, addressed the clone and noted that the team had “contacted all intelligence agencies we know and asked for support”. Kreuch concluded with “We think we are onto something though and may have more intel to share soon!”

In addition to its visual improvements, the Destroy All Humans! remake introduced a new “Area 42” level. Directly inspired by the top-secret stretch of forbidden land located in the Nevada desert, this new level sees Crypto investigate the humans’ plan to study extraterrestrials. This level was also dubbed the “lost mission” in the preview trailer, because it was originally meant to be included in the original 2005 game.

In our review, we praise the remake’s ability to serve up a lead to favor once again, with fast-paced gameplay that has earned its right for a glow up. Despite some repetitive stealth missions and weak UFO controls, we still marveled over its humorous script and ability to recreate big UFO set pieces gone before in pop culture.

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