Titanfall players hack Apex Legends to complain about hackers

Disgruntled Titanfall fans upset with the state of the game decided to hack Apex Legends to try and force Respawn’s hand.

Online multiplayer games are no stranger to hacking incidents, but Apex Legends was struck with a rather unique case over the weekend. These hackers weren’t out to score some easy wins but instead raise awareness of the problems plaguing one of Respawn’s previous games, Titanfall.

As reported by Apex Legends News on Twitter, messages reading ‘Save Titanfall’ began appearing in playlists and after matches. Some players couldn’t even access any of the game modes.

The messages directed players to a website, SaveTitanfall.com, which explains the true purpose behind the hack. Basically, Titanfall, which still has an active community despite releasing in 2014, is also suffering from hackers and DDOS attacks that render it unplayable.

Titanfall players’ frustration is perfectly understandable, but members of its community choosing to ruin another game because their game is being hacked suggests a considerable lack of self-awareness.

Fortunately for Apex Legends players, Respawn has since issued a fix and restored matchmaking. It adds that, while disruptive, the hack hasn’t affected players’ personal data or accounts.

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