Call Of Duty: Warzone Player Looks Like James Bond With These Hilarious Stealth Kills

The only thing better than getting a sweet stealth kill in Warzone? Getting three sweet stealth kills on an entire team at the same time.

Millions of people around the world have been killing time while cooped up at home by playing Call of Duty: Warzone. CoD‘s latest take on the battle royale genre. The mode is so new that there are still creases to iron out and problems to deal with. One major complaint some players have had is with the game’s sound.

Some people claim it’s impossible to tell where sounds are coming from. Nevertheless, the player in the clip below was taking no chances. Knowing that an entire team of players was waiting for them at the top of a ladder, they made sure to creep up as slowly and quietly as they possibly could.

When they reached the top and peered over the wall the three players about to meet their fate were none the wiser as to what was about to go down. The player who would hand them their demise leaped to action after sneaking up the ladder like a cat. They then opened fire on all three players and their rounds were over before they even realized what was happening to them. Very cool, unlike the audible reaction that followed, although we would have done the exact same thing.

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