TM Revolution Dresses Up As Azur Lane Heroine Once Again For New Video

Mobile gacha game Azur Lane is extremely popular in Japan, so it makes total sense that Japan’s most popular and eccentric musician would get dressed up as one of Azur Lane’s premiere characters to celebrate the game’s third anniversary.

TM Revolution has once again donned his incredible Enterprise cosplay to advertise on behalf of Azur Lane. The costume involves an extremely short miniskirt, a naval-style hat, and a bow that resembles the aircraft carrier’s control tower with an arrow sticking out of the bridge.

It’s goofy as all get out, but that’s all just par for the course for both TM Revolution and Azur Lane, a game where World War 2 warships get dressed up as women to go on dates.

For those unaware, Azur Lane is all about collecting “shipgirls,” which are actual historical naval vessels that have been anthropomorphized into often scantily-clad women. Recent converts start off with destroyers such as the USS Laffey (DD-459) and HMS Javelin and go on to collect additional, more powerful ships as they progress through the game.

The core gameplay is a fairly simple side-scroller shooter, but there are lots of other ways to interact with your shipgirls in order to get to know their individual personalities (and yes, this includes going on virtual dates). There’s even an ongoing story about all these ships engaging in barely-clothed naval combat.

Azur Lane only just arrived on Western mobile devices last year, but it’s been around in Japan since 2017–hence the third-anniversary celebrations and TM Revolution’s involvement. He actually did a full music video for Azur Lane back in September and even followed that up with a making-of video that showcases just how he managed to fit into that extremely skimpy Enterprise outfit.

And in honor of New Year’s, Azur Lane is hosting a new event with yet more shipgirls to collect. The Inverted Orhant event will bring a collection of new German shipgirls as you combat against the Iron Blood, as well as New Year skins for both Iron Blood and older vessels.

The New Year outfits are far less naval-themed and often have plunging necklines.

The Inverted Orhant event runs from now until January 13.

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