Ubisoft To Launch Its Own UK Channel, Called GTV

Before G4 can come back and reassert itself as the ruler of video game TV, Ubisoft is taking a crack at it. The house of Assassin’s Creed will launch its own online channel called gTV on April 15. The channel will air content on its UK accounts on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

According to the press release, gTV’s goal is to celebrate the culture around video games with “a fun and irreverent tone.” The announced slate of shows show how this will work in practice, usually with comedians present. One of the first shows will be CafeXP, an improv program hosted by Babatunde Aleshe, where celebrities will quip as they take on funny gaming challenges.

Also on tap will be a talk show hosted by Jay-Ann Lopes that will invite guests to explore topics like health, sport, and comedy related to gaming.

On the more serious side of things, a docu-series called Fragments will center on human stories within the UK esports scene. Versus, hosted by Frankie Ward, will pit Twitch and YouTube stars against each other in various esport games. Finally, aRTY will feature multiple artists whose work is inspired by video games.

“We want to be first in the industry to create valuable, entertaining content that goes beyond and behind games with stories that show the positive impact of gaming. We have loved partnering with Ubisoft to bring our knowledge of authentic cultural content through into the games world and are incredibly proud of the results,” said Jamie Clark, Founder of My Accomplice.

To learn more about the programs themselves and gTV’s schedule, check the Ubisoft site or its social channels.

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