VALORANT Devs Discuss Potential Gameplay Balance Changes

Improvements to VALORANT’s hit registration might be coming in the near future.

While most patches for Valorant have been fairly well-received, Riot Games has struggled to solve many players’ issues with what can only be described as inconsistent gameplay. The developers have acknowledged these problems, as well as a handful of others, in this week’s Ask VALORANT.

In games like Valorant, where precision is the key to success, game mechanics and gameplay need to feel tight and responsive in order for players to enjoy playing or feel a sense of accomplishment. Fans have been complaining about poor hit registration for months, and it seems that the devs have been listening to feedback but struggling to understand the source of the problem.

Riot has confirmed that the inconsistencies in gameplay are not a mere figment of players’ imaginations. But at the same time, feedback such as, “Valorant doesn’t feel consistent between matches,” does not provide the developers with useful feedback. It is good that they know there is a problem, but the direct cause of this problem still needs to be discerned.

Riot has previously provided players with detailed information regarding how hit registration works on a technical level, as well as how hit registration is affected by ping. Moving forward, Riot will be investigation three different factors in order to improve consistency: improving hitbox clarity, refining visuals surrounding movement inaccuracy, and improving how players with different pings interact with each other.

It is unlikely that these changes will reach live servers anytime soon. Major changes such as these require a lot of research and testing, as even a small mistake could be game-breaking.

Riot also discussed questions regarding game visuals, such as the possibility of a left-handed view model and the potential for updates to existing skins. Variants and effects could be added as options for existing skin collections, and the team wants to conduct thorough tests to ensure that a left-handed character model would not provide a competitive advantage for those who prefer it. Again, these features have been acknowledged and the team is actively working on them, but neither are currently a priority.

After the relatively small impact of patch 1.08, it is likely that next week’s patch 1.09 will bring with it some hefty changes. Expect the patch notes to release on September 29, with the update dropping the following day.

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