Vive Cosmos Headset, RIP Mobile VR & Win Arizona Sunshine on Quest!

This week has seen the rise in PC VR numbers and the fall of mobile VR’s biggest platform, and we can’t forget the new releases. Let’s wrap up the week’s top stories!

First up, HTC will be shipping Vive Cosmos Elite SteamVR headset by itself for $549, and existing owners can get a standalone faceplate for $199. We still have no word on Vive Cosmos Play, though!

Next up, mobile VR gets what seems like one of the final nails in its coffin with the discontinuation of support for Gear VR. Not only that, but you won’t be able to access films you’ve purchased on it or even download the Oculus app. Thank you for your six years of service, Gear VR.

We now have more accurate data to tell us about how many PC VR users there are on Steam thanks to the platform’s latest update to the Steam Hardware Survey. The number? 1 million!

As for this week’s releases, we have three big titles: Lies Beneath on Quest, The Morrigan gets a full release on Steam, and Good Goliath on PSVR and PC VR.

We’re giving away Arizona Sunshine codes for Quest! You can enter below for a chance to win – best of luck.

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Want to know which others stories topped the week? We’ve got them here:

  • Nvidia Develops Lightweight VR Gaze Tracking System Using LED Sensors
  • Valve: VR Adoption ‘Has Gone Pretty Much The Way We Thought It Was Going To’
  • Report: Facebook Agrees To Buy Every AR Display From Key Supplier Apple Looked At Acquiring

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