Warframe: Everything We Know About The Angels Of The Zariman Update

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Warframe's upcoming Angels of the Zariman update contains a plethora of new content and long-requested features. Tenno can now explore the Zariman Ten-Zero to farm three new endurance missions and earn Gyre, a tesla-themed Warframe.

Beyond endurance modes, players can also expect evolving weapons, a rework to the Focus system and Eximus enemies, a player housing feature, and new cosmetics. Whether you're a newcomer or a long-time veteran of Warframe, this is an update you'll want to experience. Here is everything we know about Warframe's upcoming Angels of the Zariman update.

What Is The Angels Of The Zariman Update?

Angels of the Zariman (U31.5) is a major Warframe update that introduces a new Warframe, quest, three new game modes, a new tileset, a Focus rework, alongside a plethora of new weapons and cosmetics players can expect from an expansion.

This expansion focuses on the Zariman Ten-Zero ship players got to experience during The New War quest. Upon completing The New War, Tenno will unlock a new quest and tileset on the star chart with unique game types and rewards—including player housing and the new Gyre Warframe.

New Content

There's a lot of new content in the Angels of the Zariman update, so let's break it down. You can expect the following with U31.5:

  • New Warframe: Gyre
    • Tesla-themed Warframe
  • Three New Endless Game Modes
    • Void Flood – Use your parkour skills to collect void energy and seal fissures, but beware of harmful debuffs.
    • Void Cascade – Cleanse Exolizer terminals of Void spirits, then use your Warframe and Operator to kill the spirit.
    • Void Armageddon – Currently unknown.
    • New Tileset: Zariman Ten-Zero
    • New Weapon Type: Evolving Weapons
    • Focus 3.0 Rework
    • Player Housing
    • Eximus Enemy Rework
    • Breakdowns of each new addition can be found further into the article, but this gives a short overview of what you can expect when U31.5 releases later this month.

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      Angels Of The Zariman Release Date

      Angels of the Zariman will release on all platforms on April 27th. Keep an eye on the Warframe forums for dev workshops, patch notes, and more surrounding this update.

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      Gyre Warframe Abilities And Stats

      Gyre is an electricity-themed Warframe that focuses more on tesla and physics than Volt. Her kit revolves around inflicting Electricity and dealing as much critical damage as possible, granting weapons chain lightning whenever they critically hit. Gameplay-wise, she seems to be a mix between Harrow and Vauban, granting herself a plethora of buffs while shutting down enemies with her gadgets. Let's go over her passive and four abilities.

      The abilities listed were shown on the April Devstream and are subject to change. We'll have a full breakdown of this Warframe once the update releases. Stay tuned.

      Gyre's Passive

      Passive: Gyre's abilities have a 10% chance to deal critical damage for each electrical status on an enemy. (Credit to u/Cephalon_Zelgius for the description)

      It's unknown what Gyre's critical multipliers are for her abilities, but it should be around a 2x multiplier if it works like most weapons. Enemies can have up to ten Electricity procs on them at any given moment, allowing Gyre to always crit with her abilities if you shock a target enough times. This could have some devastating synergies with subsumed abilities from the Helminth system.

      Gyre's First Ability: Arcsphere

      Arcsphere: Launch a Gyratory Sphere that will deal high damage on impact and periodically deal electrical shocks to nearby enemies. Hitting at least 3 enemies with the initial launch enhances damage.

      Gyre will throw an orb towards your cursor, projecting an electrical AoE on impact. The impact deals a large amount of Electricity damage, and those inside take a small amount of Electricity damage over time. It's unknown how much bonus damage the Arcsphere will deal when it hits multiple targets. Most will use this ability to quickly build up Electricity stacks to trigger Gyre's passive.

      The Arcsphere's duration, radius, damage, and Energy cost are all affected by Mods.

      Gyre's Second Ability: Coil Horizon

      Coil Horizon: Throw forward a Gyratory Sphere that will implode after 2 seconds, or can be manually triggered.

      You can subsume this ability onto other Warframes.

      Gyre's main CC skill is Coil Horizon, releasing a tesla ball that will roll in a certain direction. The Gyratory Sphere works like a bowling ball, rolling along surfaces for the short time it's active. When either manually detonated or two seconds have passed, the orb will implode, pulling targets towards the epicenter of the implosion. The ability deals moderate damage and has a somewhat short radius (12m with no Mods).

      The Gyratory Sphere's damage, AoE implosion radius, and Energy cost are all affected by Mods. The ability's duration is not affected by duration Mods.

      Gyre's Third Ability: Cathode Grace

      Cathode Grace: Gain a brief burst of increased Critical Chance and Energy Regen, with each kill extending duration of Cathode Grace. Casting is on a cooldown.

      Cathode Grace is similar to some of Harrow's abilities, granting her passive Energy regeneration and critical chance for a short duration (seems to be around six seconds base). Kills grant just over two seconds of extra duration. At base stats, this ability seems to give 1.5 Energy regen and 50% critical chance, the critical chance behaving like Point Strike and similar Mods. Unlike the rest of her kit, this ability has a 60-second cooldown that starts when the ability is cast. It's possible to have constant uptime of this ability with enough kills, but keep this cooldown in mind.

      The Energy regen, critical chance bonus, initial Energy cost, and duration can all be tweaked through Mods. However, you cannot use Mods to adjust the skill's cooldown timer.

      Gyre's Fourth Ability: Rotorswell

      Rotorswell: Gyre's mechanisms spin at incredible speeds, generating an Electic Field that shocks nearby enemies. When Gyre gets a critical hit, a large electrical discharge will chain from the enemy that was hit to nearby enemies.

      Gyre will cloak herself in electric energy for the ability's duration. Enemies within four meters of you (moddable) will get shocked for a small amount of damage. More importantly, every critical hit you inflict for this ability's duration will create a chain lightning effect, dealing 500 damage to whoever it hits. That seems lackluster on paper, but this can be altered with Strength Mods and seems to proc per-hit. Rapid-fire weapons should get a ton of mileage out of this ability.

      Gyre's tesla cloak damage, discharge damage, the radius of her cloak (and potentially the discharge's effective range), Energy cost, and the duration of this ability can all be altered with Mods.

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      Evolving Weapons

      Update 31.5 introduces an evolving weapon archetype to Warframe. Similar to The New War's armor sets, players can obtain new Zariman weapons that evolve as you complete challenges. Unlike the armor set, these weapons gain additional effects when they evolve atop cosmetic tweaks.

      There are three weapons launching with this update that can evolve:

      • Phenmor – A single-shot Primary weapon
      • Laetum – A Secondary weapon
      • Pratos – A Tonfa weapon that resides in the Melee slot

      Evolving a weapon will alter its appearance, change its stats, and even unlock alt-fire modes. We'll have a full breakdown of these weapons once the update releases.

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      Focus 3.0 Overview

      Focus is receiving a massive rework in the Angels of the Zariman update, reworking nearly every Focus node for all five schools—Zenurik, Madurai, Vazarin, Unairu, and Naramon. This rework is meant to give players more reasons to use their Operator and encourage swapping between the two in everyday combat.

      Some core changes tied with this rework:

      • Operators are now client-side to make swapping between Operator and Warframe much more consistent.
      • Void Dash has been replaced with Void Sling, a more controllable variant of Void Dash.
        • Tap to instantly move, hold to move further.
        • Uncharged Void Sling looks slightly slower than current Void Dash when maxed, but Void Sling seems to carry momentum between dashes.
      • Void Blast has been removed. You will now transfer into your Warframe when meleeing as your Operator.
      • Operators have abilities. At launch, each Focus school has two abilities you can use while in Operator mode.
      • The Focus pool is gone. Players will be refunded Focus spent through Radiant Eidolon Shards.
      • We'll have an article up later today showcasing every change made in Focus 3.0, including every node change shown in the April 8th Dev Workshop. Stay tuned.

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        Player Housing

        The Zariman Ten-Zero has a player apartment you can deck out with new cosmetics, backdrops, and displays of your Warframe fashion. A new faction called the Chrysalith will be introduced in this update, tied directly to the new Zariman Ten-Zero content. Increase your rank with this faction to upgrade your home away from home.

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        Eximus Enemy Overhaul

        Eximus units are getting an overhaul in this update. For those unfamiliar, Eximus units are modified variants of pre-existing Warframe enemies that come with a unique permutation. Leech Eximus drained energy from players, while Frozen Eximus cast a snowglobe around them to block incoming damage.

        Digital Extremes is overhauling this system to make Eximus debuffs more skill-based, allowing players to avoid Eximus debuffs if they can dodge incoming projectiles or other effects. Eximus targets are also getting a new "Protection" mechanic that gives them an additional layer of HP. DE has said that Eximus targets will have their rewards buffed accordingly, but what that entails is currently unknown.

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        Angels Of The Zariman FAQ

        When Is Angels Of The Zariman Coming Out?

        Angels of the Zariman will release on April 27th for all available platforms.

        Do I Need To Complete The New War Quest To Experience This Update?

        Yes. The new tileset, game modes, and quest require completing The New War quest.

        How Do You Get The New Gyre Warframe?

        She seems tied to this update's new quest. Like most Warframe's, her remaining parts will most likely drop in the new game modes being introduced in U31.5. We'll have a full guide on how to build Gyre once the update is out.

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