Watch: Final Fantasy VII Remake Vs. The Original

IGN has released a great looking video showing off a side by side comparison of the original Final Fantasy 7 against the remake, giving eager fans yet another look at what to expect on April 10 when the game formally releases. The video begins by showing the escape of Avalanche following the destruction of the Shinra Mako reactor, with the team discussing the unknown fate of Cloud.

As we have come to see in similar teasers and comparisons, the atmosphere is far more somber, and the characters are able to better express themselves through voice acting instead of small snippets of text. The result is a more personal, emotional take on each scene, even when Barrett shows his first moment of caring for every member of the team, even the new guy.

Another piece that stands out is the brief flashback shown of Cloud and Tifa in Nibelheim, as the two discuss the great plans to join SOLDIER. Again, we see a shift in each character, as a younger version of themselves. Best of all, the music has clearly been updated for the new game but is unmistakably the same memorable sound from years ago. We hope the remake is as impressive as these videos have made it seem, and all signs point being a great game.

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