Watch Kratos And Master Chief Throw Down In This God Of War Mod

Xbox’s mascot is definitely Master Chief, the star of the Halo franchise, but PlayStation’s avatar is a little harder to pin down. Aloy is up there along with Ratchet, but God of War’s Kratos is likely to take the top spot for PlayStation’s champion. So it makes total sense for a modder to replace the villain in God of War with Master Chief so we can finally watch a real life fight between these two titans of gaming.

We have Marcos RC to thank for creating this mod and showcasing it in an eight-minute video (via IGN). The mod essentially replaces Baldur’s model with Master Chief’s Spartan armor. It’s still Baldur’s voice coming out of that visor, but the action sure looks like a fight between Kratos and Master Chief.

Notably, Master Chief still bleeds when struck hard enough by Kratos, but he also still has his energy shield protecting him. Although, against an angry god of war, that shield doesn’t seem to offer much protection.

Marcos RC also did a mode that replaced Kratos with Master Chief, so you can imagine if the Spartan warrior had a son named Atreus who he forever refers to as “boy.”

This isn’t the only recent God of War mod that’s caught our attention. Modder Omega Fantasy recently replaced both Kratos and Atreus with Homer and Bart from The Simpsons. Both character models seem to have been imported from The Simpsons: Hit & Run, which loses a bit of fidelity compared to God of War’s ultra-realistic graphics, but it does way beyond a mere model swap. Kratos’ Leviathan Axe has been replaced by the Wonderbat, and every voice line has been replaced with new ones in the voices of Homer, Bart, and even Ned Flanders as Baldur.

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