Wholesome New Zealander Too Nice To Accept Twitch Donations

Twitch viewers are an enigma. One moment they’re trolling streamers, the next they’re rallying behind a seemingly insignificant cause. This time around, users decided to come together and overwhelm a very small streamer with kindness. New Zealander “broxh_” on Twitch is a humble woodworker who usually (before the past few days) hovers around an approximate average of 5-10 viewers. When viewers decided to start gifting subscribers, he didn’t know how to react.

“Can I give that money back?”

The above clip has been viewed almost 100,000 times within 2 days. Apparently, viewers were moved by his wholesome approach to streaming, casually chatting to his small audience and suggesting that they keep their money.

Much to broxh’s surprise, his selfless attitude had the opposite effect. Word of his genuine spirit quickly spread and followers began to pour in, quickly reaching 1000 as of yesterday.

Now, broxh has nearly reached 20,000 followers on Twitch – less than 24 hours later. His stream is offline at the time of writing, but fans are currently chatting in his inactive channel, excited to subscribe when he next goes live. It can be puzzling to figure out just why users are so enamored with the small streamer, yet sometimes a sincere personality is all it takes to go viral.

Additionally, there’s the Kiwi factor. I’m just going to say it: New Zealand accents are the most pure and innocent of all the English dialects. For some reason, something about its tone embodies the spirit of politeness. Take Korg, for example. Part of the reason he was so lovable in Thor: Ragnarok was due to the magical combination of his accent and humility.

Additionally, Rhys Darby (genius Flight of the Conchords work aside) just made a fantastic showing by way of voice acting in Half-Life: Alyx. His native accent was a perfect fit for the character’s jolly spirit and helpfulness, but I digress. All of this to say, broxh is another example of the “wholesome New Zealander” archetype. He is, perhaps, the polar opposite of someone like InvaderVie or Badbunny. Not to say that those types aren’t likable in their own ways too… they’re just quite different in approach.

Sources: Twitch, YouTube

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