You’ll Need To Spend $1750 To Earn Enough Points For A New Game Through PlayStation Stars

PlayStation Stars launched in North America this week. A loyalty system that rewards players with points to spend in the PS Store as well as digital collectibles. One of the ways you can earn points is by buying games through the Store, but you're going to have to spend a lot before getting a full-price game in return.

Since PlayStation has been somewhat vague about how many points are up for grabs for doing certain things, subscribers have been doing it instead. As reported by TweakTown, Stars subscribers will receive 10 PlayStation Stars points for every $1 they spend in the PS Store.

That seems fair enough on the surface. However, a slightly deeper dive into the Stars system has revealed how many of those points you'll need to bag yourself a free game. Players appear to have five options at the moment, the most valuable of which being The Quarry which retails at $70. If you want to get the game for nothing more than the points you've earned through Stars, you'll need to spend $1,750.

When putting it in those terms, buy 24 and get one free doesn't sound like the best deal in the world. It isn't all bad, though. Since buying stuff isn't the only way to unlock points, you don't necessarily need to spend that much money just to get a free game. Stars subscribers can also earn points by completing campaigns. You'll get 50 right now for playing through NBA 2K23's.

It's also worth noting not all of the games you can buy using Stars points are as expensive as The Quarry. Cult of the Lamb is also among the first five for just 6,250 points. Those titles will likely be rotated or added to in the future as well. It's also unclear whether making it to a higher tier will earn you more points. All the more reason to reach that secret diamond tier if so.

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