Apex Legends Event Lost Treasures Adds Crypto Town Takeover

During EA Play, Respawn released a new trailer for the next limited-time event in Apex Legends. This time around, the event is themed around Crypto, the legend added to the game in Season 3: Meltdown. The new trailer is embedded below.

Called Lost Treasures, the new event introduces a Crypto-themed town takeover (called Map Room) to the top-left section of Kings Canyon. Like most previous town takeovers, the new landmark features aspects of a legend’s passive, tactical, or ultimate ability–in this case, Crypto’s. Journeying to the Map Room will allow you to ping a holographic map that will let you know how many squads are in your immediate vicinity and will reveal the current location of all squads on Kings Canyon. It’s basically Crypto’s passive ability but amplified across the entire map.

Lost Treasures is a collection event, which means tons of new rare, epic, and legendary cosmetics to buy with in-game currency and a new heirloom to unlock. The trailer showcases that Mirage is getting an heirloom this time around too. The holographic trickster got a fairly substantial rework at the start of Season 5: Fortune’s Favor, which has greatly increased the character’s utility as an offensive threat and popularity as a pick.

Lost Treasures also sees the return of Armed and Dangerous, a limited-time mode where the only weapons that spawn are shotguns and sniper rifles. However, the mode will be a little different this time around. All of the respawn beacons on the map have been removed–instead, you can now use portable respawn beacons that you can toss out to bring back fallen teammates from anywhere on the map. The trailer for Lost Treasures seems to tease a few more in-game changes as well, such as the opening of the bunker hatches scattered across Kings Canyon.

Respawn occasionally uses these limited-time events to implement bug fixes and balancing changes as well, though the trailer did not advertise whether that would be the case this time around. We’ll likely have to wait for patch notes in order to see if any nerfs or buffs are being doled out for the weapons and playable characters. For what it’s worth, datamines have led to speculation that Crypto may be getting a buff soon, and Respawn told GameSpot in a previous interview that it’s considering a Mirage-like rework for both Octane and Lifeline. The latter is all but confirmed as the Lost Treasures trailer showcases the combat medic with a new passive.

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