Minecraft Dungeons Features A Nod To One Of Diablo's Best Secrets

Minecraft Dungeons wears its inspirations on its sleeve, taking a formula popularized by many action role-playing games and giving it an easier, more accessible spin. It’s difficult to talk about action RPGs without mentioning Blizzard’s Diablo series, with Minecraft Dungeons featuring its own nod to the franchise.

When the first Diablo launched, players were adamant that a secret level featuring just cows existed, waiting to be found. The rumors persisted for so long that Blizzard included the first cow level in Diablo II–a field with an almost insurmountable number of nightmarish bi-pedal cows for you to click into oblivion. It’s a joke that persisted through to Diablo III too, and now Minecraft Dungeons can be added to the list.

The steps for getting to Minecraft Dungeons’ own cow level is a little involved though. According to RockPaperShotgun, you’ll need to complete the campaign and then travel back to nine levels to nab nine runes. Once obtained, you can activate a new portal in your camp which will take you to the blocky cow secret. Just be ready for a challenge.

Minecraft Dungeons is a good co-op adventure suitable for a wide-range of players, with multiple difficulty levels and easy-to-understand role-playing mechanics. It’s out now on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. It’s also part of Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One and PC.

Be sure to check out out getting started guide for your first few hours in Minecraft Dungeons, as well as a primer for all of the game’s mechanics and systems.

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