Control Coming To Next-Gen Consoles

Control is coming to Xbox Series X and PS5, Remedy Entertainment announced in a tweet.The developer said that more details will come at a later date.

2019’s Control is a sci-fi third-person shoot that followed Jesse Faden as she became the director of the mysterious Bureau while searching for her missing brother.

In GameSpot’s Control review, Peter Brown gave the game an 8/10, writing “The dance between fact and fiction is at the heart of Control’s setting and a fascinating narrative that unravels in Jesse’s mind through a series of inner monologues and psychic projections. Even though you’re clued into her thoughts, there’s an underlying element that Jesse fails to explain because, to her, it’s matter-of-fact. There’s a constant desire to know more, yet to also maintain distance from the truth in order to preserve the mystery. It’s to Control’s credit that it effortlessly facilitates this exchange.”

Control’s Foundation DLC, which is currently available on PC and PS4, coming to Xbox One on June 25, explored the past of both the Board and the Bureau. Control’s next expansion, AWE, will explore the game’s connection with Alan Wake.

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